Brazil’s Pantanal: A Wildlife Safari
September 16 – October 02, 2020


Join Mark Brazil on this comprehensive itinerary that explores the northern and southern regions of the Pantanal, truly one of the most spectacular areas for wildlife in the Americas. Search for Brazil’s iconic wildlife—caiman, capybara, howler monkey, tapir, giant river otter, and our ultimate goal—the elusive jaguar. Discover a huge variety of large and colorful birds, including macaws, ibis, storks, curassows, spoonbills, and a wide range of birds of prey. Enjoy excellent photography opportunities—the dry season offers stunning scenery and up-close shots of wildlife as they congregate at the shrinking water sources. Stay at comfortable eco lodges supremely situated to take advantage of nature viewing.

Brief Itinerary:
Day 1: Depart USA
Day 2: Brasilía, Brazil / Cuiabá
Day 3 – 4: Cuiabá / Araras (Northern Pantanal)
Day 5: Araras / Pixaim River
Day 6: Pixaim River
Day 7: Pixaim River / Porto Jofre
Day 8-10: Porto Jofre
Day 11:Porto Jofre / Cuiabá / Campo Grande / Bonito
Day 12:Bonito / Caiman Ecological Refuge (Southern Pantanal)
Day 13-15:Caiman Ecological Refuge
Day 16:Caiman Ecological Refuge / Campo Grande / São Paulo
Day 17:USA

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Brazil’s Pantanal: A Wildlife Safari
September 16 – October 02, 2020

Day-by-day Itinerary:

Day 1 – Depart USA

Board your independent flight to Brazil.

Day 2 – Brasilía, Brazil / Cuiabá

Arrive in Brasilía and connect with your domestic flight to Cuiabá. Transfer to the Gran Odara Hotel for a welcome dinner and overnight.

Day 3 – 4 – Cuiabá / Araras (Northern Pantanal)

Rise early this morning and set out for the Pantanal. Described as the world’s largest wetland area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a Biosphere Reserve, your visit is timed during the dry season when water starts to recede and wildlife congregates at available sources. The first 60 miles are through a disturbed cerrado transition ecosystem that leads to the raised dirt highway known as the Transpantaneira. Suddenly, wildlife abounds—the astonishing biodiversity here includes an incredible array of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Fish concentrate in the few seasonal pools, which are crowded with kingfishers, storks, herons, spoonbills, ibises, and limpkins. Arrive at Araras Eco Lodge in the afternoon, your comfortable base for two days of exploration. Activities here include climbing the lodge’s canopy tower, watching the crowded bird feeders, and embarking on nature walks and drives to look for a wealth of birds and wildlife, including the world’s largest member of the parrot family, the rare and beautiful hyacinth macaw. Spotlighting excursions may reveal great potoos, crab-eating foxes, and with luck, a tapir or an ocelot.

Day 5 – Araras / Pixaim River

Enjoy one last wildlife excursion in Araras with lunch at the lodge, then head south along the Transpantaneira Road. There is ample time to make stops for birds, nature viewing, and photography along the way. Arrive in the Pixaim River area this afternoon and check in to the Pantanal Mato Grosso Hotel for two nights. After settling in, board boats for an early evening cruise along the Pixaim River to watch kingfishers, capybara, and caiman, and to look for giant river otters. After dinner at the hotel, a night drive may reveal deer, caiman, and giant anteaters with the possibility of tapirs and jaguars.

Day 6 – Pixaim River

To fully explore this rich wetland area, cruise further along the Pixaim River to watch some of the region’s innumerable riverine birds, including kingfishers, terns, and skimmers, and keep a lookout for black-and-gold howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, and the dainty Pantanal marmoset.

Day 7 – Pixaim River / Porto Jofre

After breakfast, depart overland for Porto Jofre. The Hotel Porto Jofre, your base for four nights, is situated quite literally at the end of the road, on the banks of the Cuiabá River. Time permitting, board boats for a late afternoon tour.

Day 8 -10 Porto Jofre

Spend three full days exploring along the banks of the Cuiabá River by boat and on land. This area is one of the best places in the world to observe the elusive jaguar, and sighting these massive carnivores is our primary goal. Some of the many birds easily seen here include jabiru storks, anhingas, capped herons, southern screamers, snail kites, silver-beaked tanagers, toco toucans, and the endemic nanday or black-hooded parakeet.

Day 11 – Porto Jofre / Cuiabá / Campo Grande / Bonito

Drive overland to Cuiabá, with lunch en route. Board our charter flight to Campo Grande and continue to Bonito. Check in to Aguas de Bonito with a chance to settle in before an exciting freshwater snorkeling excursion.

Day 12 – Bonito / Caiman Ecological Refuge (Southern Pantanal)

This morning, visit a large sinkhole whose sheer cliffs are a popular nesting site for red-and-green macaws. Watch the antics of these noisy and gregarious birds from several viewing platforms. Then visit the stunning Blue Lake Grotto; the vibrantly blue lake that fills this large cave is thought to be over 200 feet deep. After lunch at a local restaurant, depart overland for the Caiman Ecological Refuge (CER). CER is a pioneer eco-tourism project, situated on a cattle ranch of approximately 200 square miles, and is adjacent to a 27-square-mile private ecological reserve. The Caiman Lodge, will be your base for four nights. Take a stroll through the beautiful gardens, which attract numerous birds, before an afternoon wildlife watching excursion.

Day 13 -15 – Caiman Ecological Refuge

Spend three full days seeking out the refuge’s wealth of wildlife. Explore on foot during nature walks, by 4×4 vehicle, canoe, and during special night safaris to search for nocturnal species such as giant anteaters and tapirs. Over 350 species of birds have been recorded here, including greater rhea, black-collared hawk, southern crested caracara, great potoo, toco toucan, plush-crested jay, and yellow-faced parrot. The reserve is also home to three species of primates, caiman, and the largest deer in South America, the rare marsh deer. Though never guaranteed, there is also a good chance of spotting jaguars here.

Day 16 – Caiman Ecological Refuge / Campo Grande / São Paulo

After breakfast, depart overland for Campo Grande to board your flight to São Paulo and connect with your independent homeward flight.

Day 17 – USA

Arrive in the USA and connect with homeward flights.

*Please note: This itinerary is subject to change. In the spirit of expedition travel, plans may change slightly to take full advantage of encounters with the destination and its people, culture, and wildlife.


Brazil’s Pantanal: A Wildlife Safari
September 16 – October 02, 2020


September 16 – October 02, 2020

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Before You Go:

This expedition’s primary objective is wildlife viewing. Although the tour is not overly strenuous, you should be reasonably fit and capable of moderate exercise while searching for wildlife. On several occasions there will be jungle hikes that will entail walking, unaided, along rugged trails with occasional inclines. Participants should also be aware that several days of our itinerary require lengthy journeys along rough roads to reach the areas that are diverse and rich in wildlife. Be prepared to spend several hours seated in small boats while searching for wildlife. For travelers who delight in natural history, possess a sense of humor, flexibility, and a true spirit of adventure, your expedition to Brazil will be remembered for many years to come. Temperatures will be high, with most days reaching the low 90s°F, though high humidity can make it feel warmer.

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September 16 - October 02, 2020