Turkey destination research – start planning your trip to a diverse country that lies on two continents, and features wonders from Istanbul to Cappadocia!

Risen from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is a land of cities and countryside, of ancient ruins and contemporary culture. This country is known for having the earliest known human settlement, which is said to date back to about 7,000 BC. Turkey is also well known because its capital, Istanbul, sits in two continents, namely Asia and Europe.

Why Visit
Turkey boasts ancient lands with some of the best cuisine you will ever taste, one of the world’s greatest cities, and scenery from white-sand beaches to soaring mountains. Explore a wealth of destination varieties offered: dome-and-minaret filled skyline of Istanbul, Roman ruins along the western and southern coasts, verdant misty mountains of the Eastern Black Sea, and wide desert landscapes of Central Anatolia with fairy chimneys, ancient cave dwellings and underground cities.

When to Visit
Among coastal areas, İstanbul and the Sea of Marmara shores are relatively damp, with muggy summers and cool, rainy winters. These areas get crowded between late June and early September. The popular Aegean and Mediterranean coasts can be uncomfortably hot during July and August.

In spring or autumn, the weather is gentler, while late October and early November can be an idyllic “Indian summer.” Even during winter, the Turquoise and Mediterranean coasts are – except for rainy periods in January and February – still fairly pleasant. The Black Sea is an anomaly, with exceptionally mild winters for so far north, and rain during the cooler months.

How to Choose a Trip
Turkey is a country that has something to offer every traveler, from the intrepid adventurer who wants to explore a new culture to the family looking for fun in the sun. Turkey is rightly renowned for its warm Mediterranean beaches, as well as winter sports, especially skiing. A custom-design tour should be able to give the most value for your money and personalize your experience. Whether you choose Turkey for its culture, history, gullet cruising or beach experience, trips can range from budget conscious to mid-range, on up to luxury, or a bit of both.

What to Expect
Whether you stay on the Asia or Europe side of Istanbul, the deserts of Cappadocia, or the beaches along the turquoise coast, you will not be disappointed. Turkey is a delight to the senses and for most activities, a relatively moderate level of exertion is required. You must be able to walk distances of one to three miles, over sometimes uneven surfaces such as cobblestones, and climb stone steps that at times may not have handrails. Opportunities will also be available for hikes requiring more exertion.